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Although Ersatz is a port of Mocha to JavaScript and that’s pretty much what Fudge is, I couldn’t get Ersatz to work with one of my libraries because it uses Prototype. So I started porting Fudge to JavaScript. As of this writing it has only been partially implemented.


Download the Fudge source distribution and copy javascript/fudge/ to your webroot. To use it in your tests all you need is a script tag like this:

<script src="fudge/fudge.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

If you want to run Fudge’s own tests, then cd into the javascript/ directory, start a simple webserver:

$ python fudge/testserver.py

and open http://localhost:8000/tests/test_fudge.html Take note that while Fudge’s tests require jQuery, Fudge itself does not require jQuery.


Refer to Using Fudge in Python to get an idea for how to use the JavaScript version. As mentioned before, the JavaScript port is not yet fully implemented.

Here is a quick example:

// if you had e.g. a session object that looked something like:
yourapp = {};
yourapp.session = {
    set: function(key, value) {
        // ...
yourapp.startup = function() {

// and if you wanted to test the startup() method above, then you could
// declare a fake object for a test:
var fake_session = new fudge.Fake('session').expects('set').with_args('saw_landing_page',true);

// patch your production code:
yourapp.session = fake_session;

// and run a test:

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