Migrating from Fudge 0.9 to 1.0

After many 0.9.x versions and some great input from the community, Fudge has evolved to 1.0. This introduces a much simpler API and while it doesn’t deprecate the old API you’ll probably want to update your code.

Take a look at the new code examples in using Fudge to get a feel for it.

Here is a summary of changes:

The new @patch and @test decorators

You no longer have to worry about when and where to call fudge.clear_calls(), fudge.verify(), and fudge.clear_expectations()! Instead, just wrap each test in the fudge.patch() decorator and declare expectations within your test. If you don’t need to patch anything, use the fudge.test() decorator.

Expectations that were declared in setup

If you were declaring expectations in a module-level setup() or unittest.setUp() method then you either have to continue managing the clear/verify calls manually and decorate your tests with fudge.with_fakes() or you need to move all declaration into the test function (not setup) using the fudge.patch() decorator.

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