Frame Hack Recipe: Ruby-Style String Interpolation

Step 2

Implement the interpolate function, using the getchunks function, which has been provided for you.

import sys, re
from string import Template

def getchunks(s):
    matches = list(re.finditer(r"\$\{(.*?)\}", s))

    if matches:
        pos = 0
        for match in matches:
            yield s[pos : match.start()]
            yield []
            pos = match.end()
        yield s[pos:]

def interpolate(templateStr):
    """Implement this function"""

name = 'Guido van Rossum'
places = 'Amsterdam', 'LA', 'New York', 'DC', 'Chicago',

s = """My name is ${'Mr. ' + name + ', Esquire'}.

I have visited the following cities:  ${', '.join(places)}.

print interpolate(s)

Expected output:

My name is Mr. Guido van Rossum, Esquire.

I have visited the following cities:  Amsterdam, LA, New York, DC, Chicago.


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