Class f.c.g.g.SQLAlchemyHandler(DataHandler):

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Known subclasses: fixture.command.generate.generate_sqlalchemy.SQLAlchemyAssignedMapperHandler, fixture.command.generate.generate_sqlalchemy.SQLAlchemyMappedClassHandler, fixture.command.generate.generate_sqlalchemy.SQLAlchemyTableHandler

handles genration of fixture code from a sqlalchemy data source.
Class RecordSetAdapter adapts a sqlalchemy record set object for use in a
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method add_fixture_set Undocumented
Method begin Undocumented
Method commit Undocumented
Method rollback Undocumented
Method find Undocumented
Method findall gets record set for query.
Static Method recognizes returns True if obj is not None.
Method sets yields FixtureSet for each row in SQLObject.
def __init__(self, object_path, options, connection=None, **kw):
def add_fixture_set(self, fset):
def begin(self, *a, **kw):
def commit(self):
def rollback(self):
def find(self, idval):
def findall(self, query=None):
gets record set for query.
def recognizes(object_path, obj=None):
returns True if obj is not None.

this method is just a starting point for sqlalchemy handlers.

def sets(self):
yields FixtureSet for each row in SQLObject.
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