reports the test results.

outputs to a log and/or email address.

Keyword Arguments:

  • stream -- filelike object for reporter
  • notify -- if not empty, results are emailed here
  • export -- svn path we are reporting about
  • revision -- revision we are reporting about
  • header -- gets added to buffer
  • skip_notify -- callback that accepts buffer contents on error and returns True if notification should be skipped
  • em_from -- email From address


f __init__(self, stream=<open file '<stdout>', mode 'w' at 0x12068>, notify=None, export='unknown', revision='unknown', header='', skip_notify=None, em_from='bgtests@localhost') ...

f finish(self, tests_passed=False) ...

f start(self, export=None, revision=None, tester=None) ...

f write(self, chunk) ...

See the source for more information.