Blogging, Blogosphere, or something

So ... I have a blog now. Dunno about Bonde but I always kinda told myself I'd never have a blog because I don't read them much and think the whole phenomenon is a little weird and self-indulgent.

On the flipside, I find myself googling a lot for things like "make it work damnit!" (more specifically of course) and usually that pops up a blog where someone kindly posted his/her instructions for making it work. So hopefully this will be a useful blog for technical nerd stuff at best.

I also find myself perusing Planet Python via RSS on my lunch breaks these days. I always seem to find some useful python tidbit in there. Then again, being a nerd is hard work so I'll probably post my handful of useless, self-indulgent rants and add to the clutter we call the Internet. Oh, what beautiful clutter it is.

Speaking of blogs, can someone post a comment if they know of a good blogging app for python? I say python because I would be interested to contribute if it was well designed, open source, etc. I ended up installing Wordpress for my sister, even though I loathe PHP for all the usual reasons. Wordpress pretty much rocks, but as a wounded PHP veteran, I have no desire to touch the language ever again.

Typo seemed promising at first but looks a little dead. I tried installing Mephisto and, although their install instructions seem more reasonable now, when I tried a month ago it required subversion and rails edge. Both of which caused the tests to break. And pass. Then break again. You get the picture. I couldn't even get the thing to run without a 500 error and gave up after a couple of weeks. Woodlog looked promising too since I like Django but that too seems a little dead. Sigh.

So I built this thing with Django in about 4 sittings and it's super basic but seems to work!