Farm Development


Hello. I'm Kumar McMillan and this is a blog where I occasionally write about hacking on software and other interesting things. I work at Mozilla where I build websites to support the Firefox community. More broadly, I'm interested in fostering innovation within the greatest inventions of our time, the Internet and the Web. What's incredible about these two things is that they're built primarily on open source software. It kind of blows my mind when I think about what the open source community has accomplished in just a couple of decades. You can find a few of my own open source projects on the left hand side.

What's a Farmdev? Farmdev was originally a freelance service started in 2003 by me and Bonde Holm. We were pretty broke the whole time but learned a lot of cool stuff about the Web and software in general; now we have real jobs. Bonde Holm designed this beautiful website.

Recent Projects

  • JSTestNet

    Like botnet but for JS tests in CI.

  • Nose Nicedots

    Nose plugin that prints nicer dots.

  • Fudge

    Mock objects for testing.

  • Fixture

    Loading and referencing test data.

  • NoseJS

    Nose plugin that runs JavaScript tests for a Python project.

  • Wikir

    converts reST to various Wiki formats.