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You vs. The Real World: Writing Tests With Fixtures (Sunday at Pycon!)

I've been having some trouble trying to edit my proposal summary (maybe it's not possible anymore?) so I wanted to point out that the talk will cover the fixture module, not the testtools.fixtures module. This is actually a new module, a rewrite of the testtools one from scratch, that I started in November when my proposal was accepted.

I'll post the slides up tonight but the gist of the talk is how to use fixture to load and reference test data. Here is an updated summary:

One of the biggest challenges of testing is creating an environment akin to the real world that your code lives in. This talk will focus on general strategies for tackling the problem and then will move into specific examples using the fixture module for setting up and interacting with data stored in databases and other storage media.

The goal of the talk is to promote better code coverage in tests, more maintainable test suites, and techniques for easy and painless refactoring.

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