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testing just got easier (a few nose plugins)

While procrastinating on writing documentation for fixture I managed to code up a few nose plugins. (Seriously though, the fixture docs are nearing a stage of completion, I swear it!)

If you're not familiar with nose and its nosetests command for running test files, then it's worth checking out. Titus Brown even wrote a comprehensive introduction and usage guide.

The coolest part of course is that you can write plugins very easily (installable via easy_install even). Secondly, nosetests is for programmers and ... programmers are motivated to create software to make their life easier! Thus, here are a few useful plugins that myself and others have released lately:

On a separate but related note, in writing these plugins, I came up with a fairly easy way to make functional tests for plugins themselves. It's a combination of two classes, PluginTester and NoseStream; these will probably be part of nose 0.10 but if you want a sneak peak, take a looksee at the nosetrim test suite. The nosetty test suite also makes use of it, but that one is a little more confusing to read because it automates interactaction with the subprocess.

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