You vs. The Real World: Testing With Fixtures (Coming Soon)

I'm very pleased to announce that my proposal for a talk at pycon 2007 was accepted (#83). I'm pretty new to pycon but, wow, what a tough time this year the reviewers had! 104 submissions, only 50-60 could be accepted; ouch.

The talk is titled You vs. The Real World: Testing With Fixtures and is a way to demonstrate some practical usage for the fixtures portion of the testtools module, as well as talk about why testing with real data is highly effective and fairly easy.

Actually, before submitting the proposal I began pulling out the fixtures logic into a new module for distribution, named simply fixture. This will be a sort-of 1.0 of testtools and will allow me to address the many problems I've run into by changing the interface some.

I hope to have the 1.0 release as the new module somewhat stable before my talk (grins) and with also a few new features. I.E. An official release of the command line fixture generator; A better interface for defining rows in a fixture, like cloning a super row and handling id sequences automatically; support for the with statement (this will work like the current @with_fixtures decorator); and better docs, examples, etc.