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GTAC Highlights Part 1 - Selenium is Alive and Well, Model Based Testing Is Smart, And...

I just got back from the GTAC (Google Test Automation Conference) in New York and had a great time. It spanned 2 days and had a single track — this made it very laid back (no headaches trying to decide what talk to attend) and the timing was perfect. Especially since my traveling managed to dodge one of the worst summer storm systems to hit Chicago in at least a decade!.

I've put together some highlights using the notes I took at each talk. Please bear in mind that this is not a comprehensive report on the conference and may contain misinformation (feel free to comment with corrections). The Google folk did an impressive job of posting video of most talks online within hours. A youtube search for GTAC lists them all. Or ... you can watch them from a playlist

Allen Hutchison - First Principles

Patrick Copeland - Keynote

Simon Stewart - Web Driver for Java

Ryan Gerard and Ramya Venkataramu on Test Hygiene

Matt Heusser & Sean McMillan - Interaction Based Testing

Adam Porter & Atif Memon - Skoll DCQAS

Apple Chow & Santiago Etchebehere - Building an Automated Framework Around Selenium

Doug Sellers - CustomInk Domain Specific Language for automating an AJAX based application

Risto Kumplainin - Automated testing for F-Secure's Linux/UNIX Anti-Virus products

Jennifer Bevan & Jason Huggins - Extending Selenium With Grid Computing

That's all I have time for at the moment. Check back for Part 2 - coming soon!

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    RАYTRACE FLOORS - сверхпрочные нескользящие коврики на ступени

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