WSGI Intercept Has A New Home

A while ago I started using Titus Brown's wsgi_intercept module to test some XML services I had been working on. It was a great way to set up a stub response so that the tests never hit our real services. We even created a nifty little decorator that would look for an environment variable, $USE_REAL_SERVICE, then send the stub response when False or hit a "staged" version of the service when True. This allowed us to transparently perform a slower but more comprehensive test at will (currently running once a day from buildbot).

Although I was able to whip this up pretty quick, I had trouble importing from wsgi_intercept since all its pieces were in disparate modules. No biggie, so I bundled them all together and submitted a patch back to Titus. Me and my big mouth! One thing led to another and I've since agreed to take over maintenance of the project. But seriously, I'm happy to announce that wsgi_intercept has a new home and is available for download from the cheeseshop.

This first release tries to remain true to the interface that twill can work with, although a few import paths probably need changing and I'm not sure how easy it is to use a global version of wsgi_intercept with out-of-the-box twill.

I'm not thrilled about the current interface to wsgi_intercept so the next release will probably deprecate a lot of methods in lieu of a cleaner interface ;) If anyone has ideas for improvement please let me know, preferably as a feature request ticket. Stay tuned. Oh, it also needs some love for python 2.5 so the first person to submit me an issue for all the broken pieces is automatically "awesome."