Farm Development

After the release of Google App Engine, the Rubyists ...

... learn Python? No. They try compiling Ruby to Python bytecode, naturally. One has to admire their pride, I guess. The funny part is this might actually work. As the article points out, Ruby's opcode structure was inspired by Python's (I had no idea it was so similar, but this makes sense). And a while back Fuzzyman performed what looks to me a successful experiment in implementing Ruby-style anonymous blocks in Python bytecode, which is probably the only Ruby logic that Python doesn't do. Although I'm probably forgetting something as I don't use Ruby much.

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Recent Projects

  • JSTestNet

    Like botnet but for JS tests in CI.

  • Nose Nicedots

    Nose plugin that prints nicer dots.

  • Fudge

    Mock objects for testing.

  • Fixture

    Loading and referencing test data.

  • NoseJS

    Nose plugin that runs JavaScript tests for a Python project.

  • Wikir

    converts reST to various Wiki formats.