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Fixture Goes 1.0 (Testing With Data In Python)

I've just pushed 1.0 — the I Heart Data release — of fixture, a Python module for loading and referencing test data. It is used heavily at my work in two test suites: one for the functional tests of an ETL framework and another for a Pylons + Elixir (SQLAlchemy) + Ext JS web application.

easy_install -U fixture

or download from PyPi

Highlights of This Release

Many thanks to those who submitted issues and patches, especially Manuel AristarĂ¡n, sokann, Brian Lee Hawthorne, and Jeffrey Cousens.

What's next? The fixture command that generates DataSet classes from a real database needs some attention. It doesn't work with SQLAlchemy 0.5 yet and could work better with SQLAlchemy based data models in general. Aside from that, fixture seems to have stabilized for my apps at work so I'll be waiting to hear from the community about what other areas to improve on.

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