Chicago's Google App Engine Hack-A-Thon Recap

Today was Chicago's Google App Engine Hack-A-Thon and I managed to get some good work done. Well, I had planned to make packages more ephemeral on the PyPi mirror since it quickly hit the 500MB limit as is. But instead I decided to add Datastore support to the fixture module so that loading sample data is easier when testing an App Engine site. It was very easy to do so I spent most of the time writing some documentation with a complete example for how to go about testing an App Engine site with fixture, WebTest, nose, and NoseGAE.

Here it is: Using Fixture To Test A Google App Engine Site.

Big Thanks to Marzia Niccolai and Mano Marks for trekking out to the Windy City and to all the folks at the Chicago Google office who helped make it happen. As for the hackers, I think we were a shy bunch; there wasn't much show and tell afterwards. I know Ian Bicking got damn close to making a Datastore version of enough builtin file I/O methods for Moin Moin to run on the App Engine. Maybe you'll hear about that soon. Someone did demo a cool iPhone app (literally passed his phone around). It analyzes geo location to provide users with a local message board. I didn't catch the name or a URL — can you drop a comment if you have the info?. UPDATE: The name is Puppyo. Oh yeah, and Harper Reed was hacking on, an App Engine site that is complimented by a jabber bot allowing you to simply send an IM to post to twitter.