T'is be'a Fixture 1.1.1 fer ya!

Y'aharrr me seabound mateys! Thar be'a fine gully of'a wind shakin' ye jigger today as m'announce a new release of Fixture, a python module fer loadin' and referencing test data. O'er yonder ye find a cap'n's Changelog fer ye royal subjects.

Riches abound! Booty abaft! Me could'a n'er dunnit not be'a the help o'a few fine pirates amidst ye Python vagabonds. Me best salute go t'a Tomas Holas, Alex Marandon, and bslesinsky fer'a ya bug reports and patches. Been'a some quiet waters thus far but much treasure huntin' lies o'er th'horizon.

Plunder Fixture 1.1.1!

(And it be'a fine day fer pirates, aye)