PyCon 2010 - Get Your Proposals In

Proposals for talks at PyCon 2010 are due October 1st. That's in two days! PyCon is really a little more like an unconference and is an excellent place to share your ideas or showcase your work to the Python developer community. If you're having fun with something Python related then chances are it will make a great talk. Also, don't be afraid to submit a proposal that you feel is unfinished. As long as you have a basic idea for a talk and can provide a decent outline then now is the time to sneak it in under the deadline.

I have given some talks at PyCon that I thought went pretty well over the past couple years: A talk about the Fixture module, Unicode In Python Completely Demystified (these slides still get a lot of traffic), and Strategies For Testing Ajax. All these talks were really fun. I considered proposing another talk but I've come to the realization that I have way too many spare-time projects on the go and I need every single minute of the next 12+ months to jam. I will of course be attending PyCon and hopefully can cook up a lightning talk on Fudge or one of my other pet projects in time.