Firefox 4 Is Here And It's Glowing

Firefox 4 has launched! If you want to watch the whole planet upgrade in realtime head over to (built by @potch, @jeffbalogh, and others!). If you haven't already downloaded Firefox 4 then what are you waiting for? After that, join the twitter party by using the #fx4 hashtag in your tweet.

You have a few good choices today if you want a fast, open web browser but Firefox 4 stands apart in many ways. Here is a short list of what it has done:

As a Mozilla employee myself working on it's an honor to work with so many people who are passionate about keeping the web free and open. As you can see from Glow it's especially humbling to see that Firefox is such an important tool to the international community. It validates the Mozilla mission that the web should be free and open and that users should be in control of the products they use (not large, for-profit corporations).

Where do we go next? Firefox 4 was a year in the making which is entirely too long to wait before releasing a product. So the Firefox team is moving to a rapid release schedule and here is a draft of how that might work. The goal is to get Firefox 5 out this summer and keep iterating on smaller, quicker releases in order to tighten the feedback loop.