Thoughts on TypeScript

Safer TypeScript With Generics And Linting

TypeScript makes JavaScript safer and even opens up new architectural possibilities such as better unit tests. I highly recommend it. However, the default configuration encourages unsafe patterns that developers might not be aware of.

Specifically, I wanted to illustrate the dangers of any and show how you can define custom generics instead. I'll also offer some lint rules that will help your team write safer TypeScript.

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Safer Unit Testing in React with TypeScript

I hear a lot about how static typing makes JavaScript safer but what about its influence on code architecture? As someone who has worked extensively with dynamically typed languages, I was surprised to realize that type safe applications can be written in entirely new ways.

I'd like to illustrate a fast and effective unit testing strategy that is only possible once you have type safety. I'll be talking about React in TypeScript but this may apply to similar realms...

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