Class f.l.l.DBLoadableFixture(EnvLoadableFixture):

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An abstract fixture that will be loadable into a database.

More specifically, one that forces its implementation to run atomically (within a begin/ commit/ rollback block).

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method begin Undocumented
Method commit Undocumented
Method create_transaction Undocumented
Method rollback Undocumented

Inherited from EnvLoadableFixture:

Method attach_storage_medium Undocumented
Method resolve_stored_object Undocumented

Inherited from LoadableFixture (via EnvLoadableFixture):

Class StorageMediumAdapter common interface for working with storable objects.
Class StorageMediaNotFound Looking up a storable object failed.
Class LoadQueue Keeps track of what class instances were loaded.
Method load Undocumented
Method load_dataset load this dataset and all its dependent datasets.
Method resolve_row_references resolve this DataRow object's referenced values.
Method then_finally Undocumented
Method unload Undocumented
Method unload_dataset Undocumented
Method wrap_in_transaction Undocumented

Inherited from Fixture (via EnvLoadableFixture, LoadableFixture):

Class Data loads one or more DataSet objects and provides an interface into that
Method __iter__ Undocumented
Method with_data returns a decorator to wrap data around a method.
Method data returns a Data object for datasets.
def __init__(self, dsn=None, **kw):
def begin(self, unloading=False):
def commit(self):
def create_transaction(self):
def rollback(self):
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