Class f.l.l.LoadableFixture(Fixture):

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Known subclasses: fixture.loadable.loadable.EnvLoadableFixture

knows how to load data into something useful.

This is an abstract class and cannot be used directly. You can use a LoadableFixture that already knows how to load into a specific medium, such as SQLAlchemyFixture, or create your own to build your own to load DataSet objects into custom storage media.

Keyword Arguments

Method __init__ Undocumented
Class StorageMediumAdapter common interface for working with storable objects.
Class StorageMediaNotFound Looking up a storable object failed.
Class LoadQueue Keeps track of what class instances were loaded.
Method attach_storage_medium Undocumented
Method begin Undocumented
Method commit Undocumented
Method load Undocumented
Method load_dataset load this dataset and all its dependent datasets.
Method resolve_row_references resolve this DataRow object's referenced values.
Method rollback Undocumented
Method then_finally Undocumented
Method unload Undocumented
Method unload_dataset Undocumented
Method wrap_in_transaction Undocumented

Inherited from Fixture:

Class Data loads one or more DataSet objects and provides an interface into that
Method __iter__ Undocumented
Method with_data returns a decorator to wrap data around a method.
Method data returns a Data object for datasets.
def __init__(self, style=None, medium=None, **kw):
def attach_storage_medium(self, ds):
def begin(self, unloading=False):
def commit(self):
def load(self, data):
def load_dataset(self, ds, level=1):
load this dataset and all its dependent datasets.

level is essentially the order of processing (going from dataset to dependent datasets). Child datasets are always loaded before the parent. The level is important for visualizing the chain of dependencies : 0 is the bottom, and thus should be the first set of objects unloaded

def resolve_row_references(self, current_dataset, row):
resolve this DataRow object's referenced values.
def rollback(self):
def then_finally(self, unloading=False):
def unload(self):
def unload_dataset(self, dataset):
def wrap_in_transaction(self, routine, unloading=False):
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