Class f.s.NamedDataStyle(TrimmedNameStyle):

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derives names from datasets assuming "Data" as a suffix.

for example, consider this data object and this DataSet:

>>> class Author(object):
...     name = None
>>> from fixture import DataSet
>>> class AuthorData(DataSet):
...     class freude:
...         name = "Sigmund Freude"

if a LoadableFixture is configured with style=NamedDataStyle() then it will automatically look in its env for the object "Author" when loading the DataSet named "AuthorData"

Method __init__ Undocumented

Inherited from TrimmedNameStyle:

Method _trim Undocumented
Method to_attr converts name to a new name suitable for an attribute.
Method guess_storable_name converts a dataset class name to a storage class name.

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def __init__(self):
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