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Going to the GTAC (Google Test Automation Conference)

UPDATE: Here were my highlights (part 1)

I just like saying GTAC "G-TACK," it rolls off the tongue nicely. It's funny when you hear techie things said out loud that you've only see on the screen. At work, I just interviewed a Software Engineer candidate who has used scotch to set up an automated recording/playback environment for testing an AJAX app. I said "yeah this and that, blah blah, WiSGIee, blah blah" and he said, "I've never heard of WiSGIee, what is that?"



Then I delivered the whole WiSGIee ... scotch ... get it?! joke and that got an even bigger "ohhhhhhhh" :) ar ar, I KILL me. I stole the joke from Titus, of course.

I'm really psyched to be fortunate enough to get an invite to attend the GTAC conference (Google Test Automation Conference) in late August in NY. All the talks look amazing but these look especially interesting :

Since it's free and only 150 spaces for attendees they made us write an essay on why we should attend! sheesh, had me sweating.

I also like how the conference is scheduled on Thursday and Friday leaving the weekend free for roaming the city. Besides seeing some friends I will most definitely be dropping in on the best hole-in-the-wall record shop for dancehall and roots reggae on the planet, Deadly Dragon Sound

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