Thoughts on Pycon 2009

PyCon Happenings

I really like PyCon. It's been said many times but is worth repeating: the hallway track is what makes PyCon such a fun unconference. With that said, here are some happenings:

  • I'll be talking Friday after lunch about some fun I've been having trying to test Ajax web applications: Strategies For Testing Ajax. I'm pretty excited about it because there are still a lot of unsolved problems so I'm interested to hear about how other people are testing Ajax.
    • slides are here
    • and a recent video of my talk is here
  • There will be a Testing In Python BoF (birds of a feather). Not really sure what we'll do but a lot of people seem interested in it. There have been murmurs of a mock library shootout. Hmm ... I better bring my gun :)
  • I'll be on a panel Sunday to discuss Functional Testing Tools in Python. I'll be offering the Nose perspective.
  • Ian Bicking will be talking about Topics of Interest which sounds mysterious. As it happened I got a hot lead that there may be ... shall we say ... refreshments to aid in conversation (or instigate heckling?). Don't miss this!
  • One of my colleagues Kevin Boers is giving an ambitious talk called Building a Simple Configuration-driven Web Testing Framework With Twill. It's pretty neat.
  • Another one of my colleagues, Terry Peppers, is giving a very entertaining talk called A Configuration Comparison in Python
  • Too many great talks to mention! I'm psyched about the Windmill talk, Jesse Noller's talk on Multiprocessing, and pretty much everything tagged with testing.

See you there.

Oh! I almost forgot. If you are coming in from out of town, check the wiki for cool restaurants and bars in Chicago. I love this town.

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Presenting a Solid Tutorial at PyCon

Proposals for tutorials at PyCon 2009 are now being accepted through October 31st.

Due to many projects I have going on right now I probably won't be able to propose a tutorial myself but I thought I'd share some thoughts from last year...

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