Thoughts on Bluecrew

If It's Not In CI It Doesn't Exist

I've been at Bluecrew for a month now and one thing I'm actively improving is their continuous integration (CI) strategy. Every team has values around their code and systems. The existential question I ask about each value is this: does CI enforce the value? If not, the value does not exist. You could think of this as an all or nothing CI strategy.

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Bluecrew: Connecting People To Jobs

When studying Sound and Film at art school, I spent most weekends renting as much equipment as possible, wheeling it into my dorm room, and staying up late creating work. I've been called a workaholic for this kind of behavior and maybe it's true; I really love working on meaningful projects. I also realize that it's an honor and privilege to work on projects I care about.

After Mozilla, I'll be joining Bluecrew full time to help build a platform for working.

Bluecrew creates apps for on-demand staffing (temp work) but with a twist: workers receive W-2 status and everything that comes with it. This includes minimum wage protection, overtime / sick pay, workers' comp., eligibility for healthcare, etc. Bluecrew connects people to jobs like light industrial work, hospitality, and logistics, providing opportunities at varying skill levels.

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