Thoughts on High Performance

The Promise of the Cloud

As web developers we are faced with this problem: how do we scale up our code to handle high traffic? A lot of time and engineering goes into this problem -- time to simulate the traffic we expect and add servers to our cluster, cache heavy database access, etc, in anticipation of the load. Time is precious. This time could be spent optimizing the usefulness of our web product and creating interesting content. No one really congratulates you when a website works, they expect it to work.

When Google App Engine was released their pitch was...

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Dark-Launching or Dark-Testing New Software Features

If you're building software that will be used by hundreds of millions of people at once it's pretty tricky to simulate that kind of load in a testing environment. And without realistic load tests, you can't be all that sure if your infrastructure will stand up to the pressure. MySpace tried to use 800 EC2 instances to simulate one million concurrent users on their new video features but before they could reach the limit of their own app they hit the physical limits of their Akamai datastore due to the geographic location of the EC2 nodes. D'oh!

Instead of simulating load, why not just deploy the feature to see what happens without disrupting usability? Facebook calls this a dark launch of the feature...

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