Thoughts on React

Why Server Side Rendering In React Is So Hard

React first emerged as a powerful way to build living, breathing client side web applications. When my team at Mozilla set out to build a React frontend for in 2016 we knew we needed server side rendering (SSR) for SEO and performance but we underestimated how much of a challenge it would be.

This is a deep dive into how SSR is fundamentally different from what React was designed for...

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Safer Unit Testing in React with TypeScript

I hear a lot about how static typing makes JavaScript safer but what about its influence on code architecture? As someone who has worked extensively with dynamically typed languages, I was surprised to realize that type safe applications can be written in entirely new ways.

I'd like to illustrate a fast and effective unit testing strategy that is only possible once you have type safety. I'll be talking about React in TypeScript but this may apply to similar realms...

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